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Ann West For advice and information on relationships, sex, and spirituality.

Ellen Etough, MA the founder of Extatica, Inc. is endorsed by Dr. Jenny Wade to teach "workshops on outstanding and transcendent sex. Ellen’s personal experiences of transcendent sex (under a pseudonym) appear in Dr. Wade’s book and articlees. As your "Resource for Sexual Spirituality," Extatica invites you to begin to live a more erotic and ecstatic life, which is the gateway to experiencing the sacred in sexual union.

Kenneth Ray Stubbs had a powerful initiation into energy work and has become the foremost sexual shaman in the world today. A writer, filmmaker, and teacher extraordinaire, he considers himself an “energy dancer” with shamanic abilities. Contact him for training in energy dancing, sexual or otherwise, and for personal sessions.

Secret Garden Publishing (Kenneth Ray Stubbs) is a wealth of beautiful instructional books and videos to enhance sensual intimacy and sexual tantra. Beautifully, tastefully produced in high-quality formats, these products are the perfect addition for personal transformation aficionados and represent the height of contemporary erotic art.

The Succulence Revolution is all about increasing sensuality, pleasure, and erotic genius. Saida Désilets teaches women how to bring out their bounty and fully express their vitality.

Russ Kick’s anthology Everything You Know about Sex Is Wrong: The Disinformation Guide to the Extremes of Human Sexuality. It represents the panoply of unusual or unexpected borders of human sexuality from the ancient world until today, including a chapter by Dr. Jenny Wade.